Todo está iluminado

Banda Sonora
TítuloTodo está iluminado
CompositorPaul Cantelon
Duración total de la BSO

BSO Todo está iluminado - Disco 1

01 Ver el vídeo de la canción Paul Cantelon--Odessa Medley
02 Leningrad--Zvezda Rok-N-Rolla
03 Csokolom--Amari Szi Amari
04 Leningrad--Dikiy Muzhchina
05 Ver el vídeo de la canción Paul Cantelon--Prologue/Babushka
06 Paul Cantelon--Little Jonathan/The Wall
07 Gogol Bordello--Bublitschki
08 The Con Artists feat. Peter Miser Ya-takoy
09 Leningrad--Malen'kiy Mal'chik
10 Tin Hat Trio--Fear of the South
11 Ver el vídeo de la canción Paul Cantelon--River Of Collections
12 Paul Cantelon--Tank Graveyard/Valse de Suzana/Dee-yed
13 Ver el vídeo de la canción Paul Cantelon--Sunflowers
14 Ver el vídeo de la canción Paul Cantelon--War Is Love/eta-Ya
15 Paul Cantelon--Trachimbrod/Ressurection/Requiem
16 Ver el vídeo de la canción Paul Cantelon--Inside-Out
17 Gogol Bordello Start Wearing Purple
18 Odessa Medley: 9/10 - Enjoyable, with fun instruments. It builds up into an intricate array of instruments and melodies, and really picks up at the end, tempting you to let it sweep you along into the movie's crazy world. A great overture to the movie.
19 Leningrad, Zvezda Rok-N-Rolla: 8/10 - Oh, the drama! Leningrad is a Russian band. All of their songs on this album are crazy and fun and fit the craziness of the movie to a T. The horns are wonderful.
20 Csokolom, Amari Szi Amari: 10/10 - Superbly catchy, with that quirky, old feel dominant in the film, this song is a laidback sort of fun. It's the only song on the album not in Ukrainian, Russian, or English: it's Hungarian. This doesn't matter, however, because it fits so perfectly with the feel of the movie.
21 Leningrad, Dikiy Muzhchina: 10/10 - I LOVE this song. It's one my favorites here. The title means "Wild Man" in Russian, and it is definitely a very wild and (dare I say it again?) fun song. The lyrics really are just plain fun to sing along to, even if you don't speak Russian. You can practically feel the energy. In fact, I just now started to sing to it again...

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