The punisher (El castigador)

Banda Sonora
TítuloThe punisher (El castigador)
DiscográficaLa-La Land Records
CompositorCarlo Siliotto
Duración total de la BSO

BSO The punisher (El castigador) - Disco 1

01 The Punisher
02 Otto Krieg
03 Unusual Resurrection
04 Moving
05 I Can't Believe I'm Home
06 His Whole Family
07 The Massacre
08 Death And Resurrection Of Frank Castle
09 God's Gonna Sit This One Out
10 Ice Lolly And Meat
11 You're Gonna Help Me
12 Entering The Fort
13 About Your Family/Setting A Trap
14 A Bomb For John Saint
15 Good Memories Can Save Your Life
16 The Thugs
17 The Torture
18 Elevator And Headache
19 A New Family/Joan's Suffering
20 Quentin's Glass Home
21 Killing A Best Friend
22 You Don't Understand... End Of A Dark Lady
23 She Took The Train/Punishment
24 The Arrow
25 Both Of Them
26 The Skull
27 Castle's Lonliness
28 Call Me 'The Punisher'
29 Jealous One - J.C. Loader
30 'La Donna E' Mobile' - Peter Ovorsky
31 I have heard a few people complain about some of the songs being repetitive...but it's a movie score. And the main theme of the movie (track 1) is developed as need be throughout the movie in addition to many other well placed, and unique, tracks. Too bad Carlo Siliotto's only big movie score has been this one; he really should have the right to make more.

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