United 93

Banda Sonora
TítuloUnited 93
DiscográficaVarese Sarabande
CompositorJohn Powell
Duración total de la BSO

BSO United 93 - Disco 1

01 Prayers (6:02)
02 Pull The Tapes (4:14)
03 Take Off (3:07)
04 2nd Plane Crash (2:27)
05 Making The Bomb (3:57)
06 The Pilots (1:21)
07 The Pentagon (1:43)
08 Phone Calls (10:49)
09 The End (5:50)
10 Dedication (3:51)
11 The entire score appears to run in the same, monotonous drone with electronic percussion and the occasional horn motif appearing to add tension to terrible events occurring onscreen, but it's when it reaches "The End" that the score becomes dramatic and powerful. The previous eight tracks lead up to this point where the passengers fight the terrorists back and the music reaches such an emotional climax that one is moved at the end of the string swells and horn blasts.
12 Writer/director Paul Greengrass and his cast did a superb job of trying to recreate what may have gone on during that flight's terrifying journey.

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